Born in Balaclava, St Elizabeth,  Artel Miller was a Husband, grandfather, farmer and passionate cook.

For years he dazzled the family’s palate with authentic Jerk flavours and  would educate the young and old on how real Caribbean food should taste. Using the  livestock and fresh ingredients from his farm, he created simple tasty dishes that  would always keep you coming back for more. 

King of the Jerk-pit, Artel kept  his secret recipes very close to his heart and many

only came to light after his death. 

Artel’s is a celebration of our family's heritage and history. We want to continue our Grandfather's legacy by creating fresh new dishes inspired by  authentic recipes but presented in a modern way.


We pride ourselves on  using sustainably sourced ingredients wherever possible and 10% of our annual profits will be donated every year to a charity close to  our hearts.


Our approach to Caribbean cuisine is simple: everyone's invited.



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9am - 5pm